Thursday, April 05, 2007

On making decisions

Yes, I know, there goes the pretty layout. See, as much as I loved it, the small font probably scared away readers, for fear of becoming blind. And, since I would love this blog to become popular (hah), I figured that a good way would be for said readers to be able to SEE the text. Yes, I could've made the font bigger on the layout, but to me, it ruined the entire aesthetic. I'm sorry, I'm an artist, I can't help it. So, unless the fanfare is big enough and wants the layout to return, I don't think I'll put it back up. As I've said, I do want to make a new layout soon. Well, when I feel like it. Maybe summer. During the one month I won't be taking class.

Anyway, I've been checking this place out, called SAE, which gives degrees in sound engineering. At the moment, my major in Sagrado is Producción y Mercadeo para la Radio. My minor, more than likely, will be in Relaciones Públicas. After this, I was thinking of getting a degree or a masters in something along the lines of music production and engineering. SAE is one place that shows promise. It has campuses all over the world, and I think the Miami campus offers MacBooks as part of the degree. Or the NYC one. But the one i like most is in Sydney. Another program I've checked out is NYU's Clive Davis Department, which looks absolutely amazing. It's basically Recorded Music, which is a combination of music production and engineering. If I could afford it, I'd love to go.

At any rate, it's been on my mind since I moved back home, but my dad was pretty much telling me today to look into majoring in another degree, because he knows I love those "arts" things, but to think about something that will make money. I then told him I'm not in "arts" things anymore, I'm a Communications student. But of course he decides to continue being condescending, as though I don't think about these things. Yes, I know radio doesn't bring in a lot of money. But my plan isn't to be in radio per se. My plan is to go into the music industry, being the person who not only helps engineer music, but also produces music for artists and bands. I do realize that in the crazy music industry, you start from the very bottom up (I look forward to being the gopher girl), but I want to become one of those big names you hear about that produce for bands and artists. Plus, with the this degree and minor and the next degree I get, this is how I see it: I'll be able to engineer music, produce it, figure out how to make it sell, and be the medium between the artist/label and the press/public. To me, it's a good combination.

But right now, I'm more irritated than anything else. It irritates me that dad talks to me about studying something that makes money, because I pretty much changed majors to make him and mom happy. I was a Theater major. And I loved it. But, I switched to be a Communications student as a way to make ammends for being the fuck-up I turned out to be. I also switched because I realized that, as much as I love acting and the theater, not only will good work be hard to come by, but unless I have the right connections, it'll be near impossible to get where I want. It's a harsh and sad truth, but this is also me attempting to be realistic. I think the plan I have up there is not only realistic, but is completely achievable, and will end up with me making a shitload of cash.

More than that, I think I'll be hapy doing this. There are three things I love doing on this earth: acting, writing and doing something with music (listening, making). If I can do any of these three things, I'll be the happiest person alive. Since my current plan and goal is both realistic and involves one of my three passions (an "arts" thing), I think I'll be okay. I think that my dad should quit being condescending towards me about this though. In fact, it still irritates me so much that I'm going to lay out my entire plan to him tomorrow, even if I have to make him listen (he has a habit of not listening). I know that my future is important and that I should carefully make my decisions. But my decisions are mine to make, and no one elses. A friend once described me as self-assured. And it's true. I always know what I want, when I want it. And I want this now.

In other news, this is the funniest thing I've seen in days.


Anonymous said...

Finally, I can read you...

Percival said...

Estudia lo que te de la gana, no va a afectar en lo absoluto en tu "career". En mi caso me di cuenta de eso demasiado tarde y por eso ahora a mis trenti-tantos he regresado a la universidad para estudiar lo que siempre me gustaba, creacion literaria. Me gano buen dinero en un trabajo que no tiene nada que ver con la cosa practica que estudie en la universidad para no "morirme de hambra" segun me decian mis padres. NO pierdas tu tiempo, ni botes los chavos de tus padres estudia aquello por lo cual tengas pasion.