Saturday, March 03, 2007

On having a life

It occurs to me that I haven't been updating as much as I've promised to. Then again, when I sit to think about it, life's been moving exactly the way I told myself it would at the start of the year: fast, hectic, and with almost no stops.

My classes, overall, have been going okay. I'm doing more than excellent in CMU101 and HUM130, I'm doing pretty okay in ADM102 and GME201, and MAT210...I don't want to talk about it. In terms of tests, I aced CMU101, probably did terrible in the MAT210 test, and hopefully did good on my ADM102 test. The ADM102 test was the test I put most effort in to study, because it was a lot of material. I was the last to leave, since I wrote tons. I hope my effort was for something. This week, I'm probably going to spend a few nights without any sleep studying, first for my GME201 test, and then for my HUM130 test. Though I'm naturally good at humanities and history, the HUM130 test still has me pretty nervous, but I'm more worried about GME201. I really, really don't want to do bad on either test. So I will probably just do the same thing I did for ADM102 and hit the pause button on my social life.

But hey, we all know that class is the least important part of college life. How about my social life, eh? It's pretty damn good. Since the semester's started, I've made a lot of new friends, and managed to keep the majority of my old ones. A lot of crazy stuff's happened, that's putting it quite lightly. I think a picture will be a good way to describe what I'm talking about.

If you find it hilarious, that's okay, so does everyone else. Pretty much, most of the week is a succession of random events that are almost impossible to string together. They usually involve liberal amounts of randomness, blatant stupidity and alcohol. Yes, I love my alochol. Probably more than most anything. I think it's fairly obvious that I'm most definitely my dad's daughter, since according to him, I'm just like him when he was my age: drinker, smoker, fucker, ect ect. But not to worry, I know my limits. If I didn't , I wouldn't be worried about my classes, right?

Now, I dunno, maybe I'm being harsh, but at least 3/4's of the time, I can't stand my roommate. She's out six out of seven days a week partying, for one. She gets back at 3-7am. She keeps leaving stuff on MY side of the room. And she's constantly inviting people in here, talking about this guy or that date. And it makes me sick. I'v e been more able to tolerate this since she was more than kind to lend me her ADM102 notes, but that feeling is going away. I really want my own apartment, but even if I managed to get a job, I won't be able to afford one. I'm thinking maybe I'll move in with my grandma, who lives in Bayamon, and just take the train up here to Sagrado every day. It would make paying for college easier, at any rate.

So, overall, life's good. It's stressful, fun, random, and each day is most definitely not like the last. I want life to stay this way all year. I hate monotany and boredom, and college life is definitely a remedy for both things.

To go with that, I must be off. LIFE CALLS.

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