Wednesday, March 14, 2007

On being respected

To my loyal audience of readers: I apologize for both not updating enough, and for not being more present 'round the blog ring. Honestly, I really don't have much time to spare to both update this blog and comment on other blogs. But, hopefully I'll be around more often during the summer. My audience must be loyal for a reason, so I gotta deliver more often.

So, as those of you who've been keeping up know, there's been this guy that I've been liking. Long story short, I haven't told him I like him or made a move or anything of the sort. My main reason is that I caught wind of the fact that he is, essentially, a man whore. He's a good guy, and a great friend, but somehow, dating a whore doesn't sound like a good idea, especially a man whore. Whores have a tendency to back stab and whatnot, and I kinda don't want to get caught up in that sort of game.

However, this doesn't take away the fact that I like him, because, I'll admit it, he's the type of guy I find most attractive: lazy, an asshole, fun-loving, loyal, quirky. But, sometime last week, a girl that no one knows just appears seemingly out of nowhere around our hangout spot. In essence, she is my antithesis: cute, girly, giggly, air-head, short. As I mentioned, the guy is a whore. Put two and two together. And of course, as is natural in human nature, I was jealous. I was less jealous of the fact that they're now hooking up than the fact that he hooked up with a girl that's my antithesis.

But, magically, my jealousy evaporated almost entirely on Monday, for one simple reason: I realized that he respects me as a friend as a person, more so compared to this girl. Compare this. That day, me saluda como siempre. We talk and joke as always. I accompany him to eat since his brother was running late. He pays the extra change for my food, without even having to. To that other girl, he says hi by making out, makes random casual talk with her, and makes out with her at every opportunity. Not to mention some other things that I don't want to know about, since it happened in the back of a classroom auditorium.

If I compare and think about it, I realize that I've got the better end of the deal. More than that, compared to this girl, he respects me. He is a friend who wants to have fun with me, not just get into my pants and then never speak to me again. But most of all, it finally gave me proof of what I've always been told all these years. Guys might hook up with the easy girls, but the girls they respect and keep around are the ones that are smart, funny and who can think for themselves. So I might not be getting laid, but I am getting a good friendship out of this. I value this much more than anything else.

This past weekend, I cut my hair short.

It's quite a difference, I know. But I'll let you all in on a secret. Though the cut isn't modeled around her, my reason for doing it are the same as Sakura's from the anime Naruto. She'd kept her hair long and pretty because she'd heard that the object of her affections, Sasuke, liked girls with long hair. But, when he and her other teammate needed her, she realized that she could no longer focus on such a trivial thing anymore. She needed to break away from this, and become strong enough to fight and protect. Granted, I wasn't being attacked by enemy ninjas when I went to cut my hair, but the idea was the same.

Quite philosophical, especially when you consider the fact that it's from an anime. My friend Gabe (who's also psychic) almost immediately compared me to Sakura when he saw me, so perhaps he's the only one who can see why I might've cut my hair. At any rate, it's different, it's cute, and I like it.

On a final note, I'll make a new layout in summer, with bigger font. I'm sorry, I just can't put the font bigger here. It doesn't look aesthetically right in my eyes, and I'm just as big on style as I am on content. It's sometimes hard to be an artist.


KiWi said...


The hair looks nice. Im trying to grow out my hair so i can form it into that kinda style.

Anyways, what you say about guys is really true... I have a lot of male friends and generally, this is their "modus operandi". Dont worry, if he's really worth it, he'll stay around enough for you to conquer him! Muahaha!

Where did you learn to make html layouts?! I wanna learn. Im bored of the same ol blogspot pre-made layouts.

Anyways, awesome entry.

Di said...

Well, for the layout, I took a layout and modified the code to my own style. It's the best way for me to make a layout, since Blogger's weird with layouts.

thanks for the comment. :)