Sunday, February 18, 2007

On meeting the one at a rock show

No, I haven't met the one at a rock show. I was just listening to The Rock Show by Blink 182. It brings back memories of great summertimes, y'know?

It kind of makes me wonder where on earth does the time go. Does it go into a box we can't reach once we pass it? Or does it just disappear like smoke, never to be seen again? I sometimes prefer to think of time going into an unreacheable box. At least this way, it's somewhere, and isn't completely meaningless. Well, I'm also the type of person who thinks that sometimes, a person's past actions (and past itself) has nothing to do with the here and now. But that doesn't change the fact that, if something happened, it's still important, even if you can't hold on to those important moments.

What moments, if I could, would I hold onto, and never let go of? I'd hold on to that moment that my ex-boyfriend told me he loved me. I'd hold on to the moment I did what I thought I had to do to prove a point. I'd hold on to the moment I proved everyone wrong in Forensics. I'd hold on to the moment I felt like I mattered during the summer of 2002. Most of all, I'd hold on to the moments in which I was a little girl, still cute and still everything her parents wanted, and not marginalized by most others. Perhaps, then, it's better that we can't hold on to moments, even if they seem important to us. Life can't be about holding on to what's gone. It has to be searching for what's to come.

I commented to a good friend of mine the other night that I was feeling tired and numb in the romantic aspect of my life. She suggested I take a break. Now that I think about it, I need more than a break from romance and relationships and hookups and games. I need a break from myself. I'm quite happy with life right now, but at the moment, I'm kinda sick of myself, y'know? Then again, I do harbor slight feelings of misanthropy overall, but that's not new at all.

Well, I'm sure this'll go away this week. I'm home from Sagrado till very early Tuesday, to recharge my batteries overall, and I'm already half-done.

Man, I should go to a rock show soon. Anything except Mana though, since I'm most definitely not a fan of Sanish rock.

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