Saturday, October 07, 2006

On a 36 hour snapshot

(I've posted this in just about all 5-8 blogs I own, so I figured, why not this one?)

Wow, it's been an, uh, interesting 36 hours to say the least.

So, I'd basically been up since 4am yesterday, and I left for downtown Chicago at around 7:30am, and got to the Loop an hour later. I was going to this transfer student info session at DePaul's Loop campus, so I wanted to be there early, but I was too early, so I just walked around and took the train to another stop, looking for Puerto Rican café that was supposed to be around the city. I couldn't find it in time, so I took the train back and got there in time for the info session. It was basically general info on the university and transfer requirements and stuff, and afterwards I met with a counselor. Basically, he told me that I need to transfer as an international student because the university I was studying at, Sagrado, is in Puerto Rico, which is a commonwealth, which is apparently international. A couple of the friends I've made at DePaul (which I'll get into more in a sec) said that it might actually be easier to get in and get a dorm since I'm transferring as international. Also, in the event I can't get a dorm, dad said that I could try getting an apartment instead, and that he'd help fund it. Hopefully, though, this'll all work out. I'm looking forward to not only being back at college, but being somewhere I want to be, which is here in Chicago.

Anyway, after that, I headed towards the Belmont area of Chicago and [drumroll] got my ticket to the Dresden Doll show! I'm so fucking happy and excited about that still, and I can't wait till the 20th! Then after that, I got Sam up, found something to drink and curled up somewhere to sleep for a bit, till Sam called back after getting himself together. And then the rest of the day. Okay, so no one got drunk cuz we couldn't get hooked up with anything, was still fun even with it's boring moments. Basically, we tried jamming out with Justin, with whom I've become good friends with, but the strings on his electric were out of tune, and two snapped. But I got to play more acoustic, so I'm not so rusty playing anymore. Then, we spent time making out, which was very nice. I can give biting my thumbs a rest. Then, we spent time playing video games, like Guitar Hero and random SNES games. Then we got food cuz I was hungry and could use the nourishment and Monopoly playing pieces. Then I think we lied down for awhile. Then we found Justin and tried to find something to do. Along the way I made a few more friends, namely with Eric, Owen, Ian and a girl named Noel (and her roommate, I think her name's Ali). There were more people, but I don't remember all the names. Then Sam and me went to Belmont, then came back, and decided to tie a shoelace around Justin's guitar for a strap and played music.

Then...we still couldn't find good alcohol hookups, so we decided to go out and smoke up. So yes, I tried weed for the first time. No, not enough to get high, but I was feeling pretty happy, and the happy feeling stayed even as the pot wore off. Justin, on the other hand, got totally blazed, so when we got back to the dorms, Sam and me just watched him since he was pretty fucking hilarious. Then we met up with these other people, did random stuff for awhile, and then decided to McDonalds again (this was like at 1am). After that, we headed back and played some video games, then just chilled in Justin's room, since he let me and Sam (and Eric too, cuz Eric was in sexhile from his room). Ian came by after his date, and Sam bought me a couple of beers, along with two for him. I hate beer, but I wanted some fucking alcohol, so I drank one can, had half of the other can and let Joe (another dude I met) have the rest. Then Eric comes back, blazed as all hell, and I fell asleep for bit but woke up when they (Sam, Justin and Eric) started rambling about music. Then Sam started on the dirt farmer jokes, and I went ballistic on him for over an hour. I wasn't really all that pissed though...actually, I just wanted him so bad, and I know that he knows that, it was so obvious in my eyes. Even Justin noticed, and he asked if he and Eric should just sexhile themselves for half an hour, but I decided not to agree since a. I was a guest in the dorm and b. it wasn't even Sam's room. But we also made fun of Sam and his small penis, Justin and his Jew family, and Eric's Texan heritage. Then we all dropped off to sleep after 4am.

Then this morning, I woke up to go to the bathroom, then to call in at work cuz I was on call-in and tell them I wasn't going in. But I have work tomorrow from 12 to 7pm non call-in, so it's fine. Hopefully I don't get chastised for missing two call-ins, but I really needed the sleep more than any potential cash from work. At around 2pm, we all got up and chilled for a bit, then cleaned up and got food. There was a buffet at DePaul's student center, and Rob treated me, so I got food, and we talked for awhile while eating. And then I decided it'd be best to head back here at around 3:30pm, so I did and Sam walked me to the train station and we said our see-you-laters.

Now that I'm back home though, I feel pretty damn happy like no one's business. I made friends, I was social, I had fun even without alcohol, I hung out with Sam (which is about a million happy points there), I'm a step closer to being back in college, and it's all just good. I'm happy, I feel good, it's awesome.

Phew, done with this entry.

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Anonymous said...

Always great to hear from you. Glad to see you will be back in college.