Saturday, June 10, 2006

On nothing in particular.

I've been quite angry at nothing in particular, spiteful and jealous like a little brat, and extremely disappointed in myself, for a lot of reasons I don't feel like stating. So any worthwhile words I mighta had to write are not here today. They said they wanted the day off. So, why not? I'm sure they'll come back tomorrow, begging me to write them up here, so they won't be lonely or forgotten.

Anyway, however I may portray myself here, I've come to realize that my personality is roughly divided into two: a completely laid back, chill, somewhat apathetic side, and an extremely spiteful, angry and pissed off side. Most of my emotions can be lumped into one or the other. Before you say it, no, I don't have any mental disorders of any sort; in fact, I think most people can be defined as having two sides that make one whole personality. I just think I display them stronger than most. Basically, my personality is light and dark, yin and yang. When I'm in a mood that falls on the light side, things are decidedly like that. When I'm in a mood that falls on the dark side of things, things are decidedly like that. I feel things a lot more strongly than others, for better or worse. As it turns out, I'd been bottling up a lot of things, and I'd been in a very dark mood lately.

So what'd I do to fix it? Simple. Out of the blue, I wake up this morning, shower, put on some clothes, and I tell my mother that I'm going out for a walk. And I did, a very aimless walk I'll add. So aimless that, an hour later, I look up, smell sea water, and realize I've walked all the way to the beach. First reaction: huh? Yeah, it didn't hit me at first. But then I figured, eh, whatever, and I sat down on the sand and admired the ocean and soaked in the sun. It was nice. I think I just subconscioustly wanted to visit the beach and see the waves and the ocean. I always feel better when I do, and I did feel better. Then it hit me that I had to walk home. Great. But eh, I just trudged my feet and managed to claw my way back. Shoulda worn another shirt though, I've got the most uneven tan/sunburn now.

So, soccer. Germany won against Costa Rica, Ecuador against Poland. Let's see how the rest of the games go. I root for Argentina, Italy and Germany. France and South Korea have a chance at doing well. England and the US have little to no chance in hell (but hey, it'd be funny if they made it to the quarter finals like last time). And I refuse to root for Brazil.
"We have only one story. All novels, all poetry, are built on the never-ending contest in ourselves of good and evil. And it occurs to me that evil must always constantly respawn, while good, while virtue, is immortal. Vice has always had a new fresh young face, while virtue is venerable as nothing in the world is."

John Steinbeck

I've been following these scans on an LJ community...and I still don't get it. I never knew that Bat and Sups had sons.

EDIT: I just have to pimp this out. Esto es una de las mejores cosas que yo he visto en SEMANAS, en cuanto a sátira contra la "política" de nuestro país. En's even funnier because my mother's such a Roselló follower.


justmeguy said...

taking a walk on the beach is one of the great things in life.
Love the Steinbeck quote.

Di said...

Thanks. Steinbeck is a good author, so I've come to realize. =)

Pedro Rosselló, "el Mesías" said...

Querida lectora,
Gracias por la promoción a mi Divino blog. No sé muy bien qué es eso de satiria o como se escriba, pero veo que has entendido las Virtudes de mi Mensaje de Paz, Amor y Justicia. Soy grandioso ¿por qué no todo el mundo lo entiende? Yo soy el Camino, la Verdad y la Vida. ¿Cuándo lo entenderán?
Entretanto el Mesías te Bendice.

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