Friday, June 09, 2006

On hell and high school memories

Mom: God, how can it be so damn hot already?

Me: It's called summer.

Mom: I call it hell.

She has a point. I just had to pick this time of year to start a workout routine in the hopes of becoming anorexic thin. It really is too hot here. Let's see...90 degrees. Ugh, wow. It'll be worse by end of July, mark my words. So, of course, doing exercize at this time of year in a room with no air conditioning is brutal. But hey, maybe sweating more will = more weightloss? I hope so anyway.

So, I'd like to say hi and thank you to the small group of readers I've acumulated since I started here on Blogger. You guys give me continuous motivation to sit myself in front of this webpage and write and rant about whatever comes to my head, and that's very appreciated. Otherwise, I wouldn't be writing this right now. Oh, so yeah, I live in Puerto Rico and whatnot, so why not write my entries in my fair language of Spanish? Because English is more universal. People will understand it more, and my thoughts'll reach more people. Aunque de vez en cuando, como ahora, tiendo a escribir alguna que otra oración en español, pa' chavar, o por que tiene que ver con gente de mi isla. We rule.

Anyway, I was looking back at my years in high school. I'll tell you, I had one hell of a time. I believe I mentioned before I went to one of the more prestigious schools in the island. Between you and me, I'm surprised I got in. The interview I had for the school was terrible. I was sure I answered my questions as eloquently as a ninnyhammer. But, c'est la vie, I got in. Now, the school was a lot of things, but easy it was not. Though I still managed to find time to waste on the Internet and at parties and whatnot, I still had loads and loads of work. I mean, every single week it was something, and it was usually neither easy nor simple. Senior year was by far the worst. The first semester I had seven classes, five of which were university level (because that's the beauty of my school: in 12th grade we take university classes), and I got out late every day. And the second semester, me being class secretary, I had shit to put up with and to plan, even though I only had a total of five classes.

But, the people I met and the good times I had were well worth all the work. My own class, we were weird and funny and the school's black sheep, because we were always doing something. In 10th grade we threw chairs out the window, and in 11th we collectively skipped school to go to the beach. As my dear English teach once put it, each and every person was an example of a different mental disorder. But, we were also smart and creative and talented, and we knew how to weasle our way out of trouble and how to charm, so we could usually repair any damage we caused. I think the teacher we charmed best was our homeroom teach for 11th and 12th grade, even if we hated each other at first. Looking back, it's actually pretty funny. Plus, the guy is now my mentor, to whom I ask for advice whenever I need it.

As fun as my class was though, they had nothing on the group of girls I'd come to call my best friends. Funny how that panned out. I clearly remember my first day at the school, I saw two of them, and they both stood out to me. I wanted to go introduce myself...but thought better. As it turned out, them two and the other two I'd befriend were all a year above me, in 11th grade...and both of our grades took Geometry together that year. So, sometime in October, I noticed that they had talent in drawing, so I struck a conversation. The rest is veritable history. Those girls and I had so much fun, and they were my social life. They made things seem way better than they actually were.

I think the thing I gained most out of high school, asides learning that being social can make you look good, was a thing called Western Forensics League. This inter-school competition is what showed me my true talents: acting and writing. I started competing when I entered high school, and I competed each semester till I graduated. Before, I liked writing, and I was interested in acting, but I didn't think I was any good at either. Well, the fact that my original pieces made it to the final rounds both times I used them, and the fact that I managed to pull off an insane person with little effort (insane people come naturally to me). And to think, I was going to major in biology. Eww.

I had bad times in high school, though, no denying that. I'll just blame the fact that at my absolute worst, I am stubborn, taciturn, I have a short temper and I usually don't listen to anyone, so you can imagine that I'd get in trouble with classmates and with teachers. Hell, I was rejected from the honor's society first time around because of all of those qualities. I'll never forget that meeting with the principal when she told me, especially because on the inside, I was just thinking, I really don't care, can I go eat before the good food's gone? I was a lot less like this by the time I finished high school, which was obviously good, but those traits are still traits of mine, for better or worse. Oh, and I skipped prom, haha. A lot of famous people skipped theirs though, so maybe I'm following tradition.

In short, I'd be such a different person if I'd gone to the town's public high school. Take what you can, give nothing back.

Duh, of course Santa has heat ray vision. What kind of bastard version of Santa wouldn't? Sheesh.


Martillo said...

Hey. I "discovered" your blog a few days ago and it's a good read. So keep it up or keep it going. And yes, it is way too hot and that'll probably spell TROUBLE later in the year. But WTF it's innevitable right? Ciao!

Martillo said...

"So keep it up or keep it going." I meant it as a way of encouraging you. Just so we are clear on that one.

justmeguy said...

Thanks for sharing your high school memories. Hmmm..I may want toexplore that topic too in a future post. I am happy that you have a loyal group of readers. I am not surprised because you write very well.

Di said...

martillo: Thanks. =) I know, the heat is horrible, I wish it were december again.

justmeguy: Thank you. You should try it, I'd like to see your take on high school.

carol said...

haha i was such an outcast in high school, me acuerdo que tenia un backpack rojo con el simbolo de anarchy bien grande en magic marker negro, and sometimes i wore un collar de perro cuz i was "goth" lol. i guess i just wanted to piss off las chamaquitas y profesores/as comemierdas.

Di said...

Carol: I was an outcast too, y mis panas tambien lo era. But, my school was small, asi que todo el mundo era diferente anyway. But yeah, pissing off teachers is fun. =)

carol said...

agh.. me quede pensando en mis dias de high school and now I realize que no era goth, era punk lol. Osea aparentemente era una mezcla, porque me pintaba las uñas y el pelo de negro, pero creo que tenia mas cosas de punka.. maldita poser que era jaj. Pero yo decia que era gotica, I guess they really thought I was.