Thursday, June 22, 2006

On alcohol, drugs and piggy back rides

You know what? I have a rant at the back of my head nagging at me like no tomorrow, so I'm going to torture you all and write it here. Gezuntide.

So, as I'm sure I've made obvious, I have no qualms myself of drinking every now and then, and on occasion, getting mildly drunk. For me, it's a way of just forgetting stuff and of having fun with friends, but I never ever let myself go overboard. But. I absolutely HATE people who make a fucking habit out of it, as in people who are heavy drinkers, who get drunk every fucking day, and who don't give a fuck about what the people who cares about them thinks. I really fucking hate it. Okay, so if you're someone I don't know, someone who is basically an aquaintance or just a casual buddy, I really won't give a fuck. Fuck with your life however you want really. But I hate it when people I DO care about are like this. I hate it when they treat alcohol so fucking lightly.

Do you know WHY I don't like it? I'll tell you why. I don't like it because they don't give a fuck about whether or not they might be hurting the people they're close to. I don't like it because when you're drunk, you're a completely different person, and you might hurt people that way, physically or mentally. And I absolutely fucking hate it because most of the time, they don't care about what happens to themselves. Well why DON'T you care about yourself? Why DON'T you give a fuck about the people who care about you? Is it that you're so convinced that no one cares that you do it? Is it your fucking fallback because you can't handle something in life? Or are you just so fucking arrogant that you think nothing will happen? What is it?

And you know what? This doesn't just apply to alcohol. It extends itself to drugs too! Because it's the same train of thought. Sure, nothing'll happen, it's just once in a while, it doesn't matter. To me it does matter. So you don't care and you're arrogant enough to think nothing'll happen, okay. But what about me and anyone else watching? I've spent my whole damn life watching people do this kind of thing with alcohol and with drugs. They drop out of school and you never hear of them again, they screw their brains up so bad that they can barely make it past school, they take things out on you physically or verbally. Worst of all, slowly, they completely change into different people, and you wonder if you ever even knew them in the first place. That's what hurts the most, and I hate it. It's not that I want to tell people what to do, because I myself hate it. I just hate having to see what this kind of shit does because I've had to see it so many times already. And the sad part is, the people who're supposed to matter, me or anyone else, really don't matter at all, because they just don't care anymore.

Well, that was a short-lived rant, but it was the essence of what I wanted to say. If I say anymore, I'll just snap. Hell I already feel like punching or kicking walls. The kicking part would actually be a bad idea for my bad knee. The last time I did that when I was pissed I could barely walk for a week. Oh how that knee might haunt me when I start getting old. Anyway, howzabout something funny now?

They're either trying out for ballet, or it's a piggy back ride. You guys decide.


justmeguy said...

Good post. I was reminded of the woman driving drunk this week who killed three people. Now she's asking for forgiveness, "fuck her"!...let her go to jail for it. You take a decision to drive drunk, you pay for it!

Di said...

I know. =/ It's fine if you decide to be responsible about it, but not if you're going to take it so lightly.