Tuesday, June 20, 2006

On me and being fat

I think my first entry here was a quick summary about myself. I kind of feel like redoing that again in this entry. Part of the reason is that it was a copy paste from a similar entry I did over at my LiveJournal, when I got a huge flood of people on my friends list, and I figured they should get a rundown of who the hell I am. And the other reason is that I feel like writing a little about myself, despite my inclination to avoid talking about myself most of the time. So here goes I suppose.

Hello, nice to meet you all. Well, no, I haven't met any of you, but hey, I have faithful readers who enjoy written torture, so good enough. My full name (first anyway) is Diamar, literally translated as day and sea, how rockin' is that? I'm told it's actually a rare name in Spain, and not something totally made up. When I was in elementary school it was one of the many things I was teased and bullied for, but somehow, I still absolutely love it. But, for the record, you can all call me Di. I prefer it since it's easier to remember for our ADD-ish lives.

I'm an eighteen year old female, and I'll be ninteen in about two weeks. In most places in the US, I'd be 100% able to do whatever the hell I want, but being here, half of stuff you have to be eighteen for and half you have to be twenty one, which sucks. I'm supposed to be a college student, entering her second year sometime soon. There're a few problems with that though. First, I had to skip this spring semester, because I wasn't able to pay my dorms from the previous semester on time, and they fucking canceled my enrollment. Second, I really really want to move out and start diving into the movie biz hardcore. But we'll see what happens. Anyway, in college, I'm a Theater major, and the time I spent during my first semester in my concentration courses were awesome.

Basically, I consider myself an actress and a writer. It took me most of my life to figure it out, but thank God I did. I was gonna study biology. Eww. Funny thing is that when people meet me and see me and the way I am normally, they wouldn't think I'm an acting type at all, and yet, I never fail to impress. That's because I have the ability to understand any kind of character and play as them. And, so it seems, this ability transfers itself to my writing, as my one big strength in writing is character portrayal. It's a knack. Anyway, I'm just mostly an amateur in both writing and acting, seeing as I haven't gotten anything published yet, nor have I been able to appear in any official plays, much less movies. But hey, one thing at a time.

My personality, on the whole, is a mix of stuff. Mainly though, I am an aloof, absent-minded, and quite laid-back. I also usually remain in the stoic area, occasionally come off as taciturn, and I have a habit of saying a lot of things I shouldn't. When I'm with people I trust I relax more though, and I can come off as either more normal or even more twisted, depends on your definition of normal and twisted. Despite my mellow side, on very rare occasions, I can and do snap, badly, mainly because I have a short temper that I usually surpress. This doesn't happen very much though, so unless you piss me off, you're safe. I also have a very cruel evil streak, but it's really not that bad. I'm a very kind and loyal person to those who earn it.

The way I view life and things in general is also something not quite normal. There are a lot of things that I don't see the normal way, and most of my opinions and thoughts are quite unconventional, but this doesn't really bother me. Why I turned out like this is a total mystery to me though. Maybe I was Ghandi in my last life, that would so totally rule. But, to sum up, I am awesome with a dash of cool and a side of evil and intelligence.

This paragraph should be a summary about life till now. I was born in Colorado, lived in Panama for two years, Kansas for two years, Conneticut for five years, then I moved down here to Puerto Rico and I've been here since. I've been in private school most of my life, though some of it was Catholic school. Run by nuns. The high school I went to was Escuela Secundaria San Germán Inter, and I enjoyed most of my time there. We constantly competed with the guys at SESO for lots of stuff, mostly in Forensics League and top grades and stuff, and students too. The details of my life in general I don't feel like giving out though.

Interest-wise, I have lots of favorite things. I like anime and manga, but not all of it. Favorite anime would be FLCL, favorite manga would be a tie between Fruits Basket and Naruto. I love movies as well. Some favorites include Kill Bill, Pirates of the Carribean, LOTR, Star Wars (original trilogy ftw), Memoirs of a Geisha, the old Pink Panther movies, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and quite a few more. And I absolutely love music, so much so that I have to put a list of my fav bands here.

The Flaming Lips
Bright Eyes
Green Day
A Perfect Circle
Lacuna Coil
Xiu Xiu
Bad Religion
The Pillows
Unwritten Law
Jimmy Eat World
My Chemical Romance
Broken Social Scene
The Postal Service
Modest Mouse
Bloc Party
The Cloud Room
The Arcade Fire
From First To Last
Queens of the Stone Age
Boxcar Racer
Sneaker Pimps
DJ Tiesto
Black Flag
The Appearance
Sex Pistols
The Ramones
Pearl Jam
The Dresden Dolls
The Strokes
Dropkick Murphys
The New York Dolls
La Secta
Audio Karate
Rise Against
Reggie and the Full Effect
The Clash
Social Distortion
Bouncing Souls
The Dead Milkmen
Mindless Self Indulgence
Dead Kennedys
Depeche Mode
The Velvet Underground
Violent Femmes
Iggy Pop
Suicidal Tendencies
Sonic Youth
The Pixies
ZZ Top
From Autumn To Ashes
Say Hi To Your Mom
World Leader Pretend
Angels & Airwaves
Calle 13

There. I love music.

I think this completes this entry. You can go bang your heads against walls for reading more about me now. Oh, and...

Thanks Brit, for restoring some of my self-esteem. I no longer feel fat.


carol said...

hahaha.. poor Britney, el otro dia estaba viendo el video de Slave4U, trying to figure out como se pudo poner asi como esta ahora.

When I was younger, 8 years ago o algo asi, I had sort of a weight problem, I was never fat pero era chubby, then one summer un jevo que tenia dumped me for his ex, que era flaca esqueletica, and I was so pissed off que empece a hacer dieta y ejercicios y perdi como 60 libras o algo asi jaj, then I looked sick and put on a few pounds. Ahora I guess que soy de peso normal, lately I've put on like 10 pounds, no se ni como no he aumentado mas con todo el junk food que como, I'm going on another diet/exercise regime in July, though I'm gonna set one day para comer junk food porque sino me aborrezco.

justmeguy said...

Thank you for letting us to know you better.

Di said...

Carol: Yeah, I've always been kinda up and down with my weight. I was chubbyish when I was a kid, then I lost all that weight and was really thin, especially when I did ballet, and now I'm more or less normal...but I really want/need to drop a few pounds. But yeah. Diets suck. >_>

justmeguy: You're welcome, it was an odd mood I admit. =)

Sergio said...

Mucho gusto, doña Di.
Gracias a Allah que era un brief description. ^_^.
Nono, just kidding. Been reading you for a while now, never left a comment though. Otro fellow escritor por aquí... ¿donde es que le metías al bachiller de teatro?

Di said...

sergio: En Sagrado. =) I might go back for another semester though.

Veroquina said...

Esa es Britney o Miss Piggy en human version??? :/

Di said...

Veroquina: I don't have the slightest clue. =/ It's horrible, isn't it?