Tuesday, July 18, 2006

On being a girl anachronism

Alrighty now, time to stretch out my fingers and write out one good entry, which might not be that long, but will hopefully be, well, good.

Firstly, I'm going to go into movie reviewer mode, and I'll give you all my not-really-professional opinion on Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest.

Seriously now, I can't understand why so many people think the movie sucks. In my completely humble and honest opinion, I thought the movie was just fine, great even. I was entertained from start to finish, just like in the first film. I don't think it's better than the first one though, but at the very least, it didn't suck like a lot of sequels tend to. I can understand why people might not have liked it as much as the first. First, the characters. Nothing was wrong with them, they were still as cool as the first, Jack Sparrow leading the pack (ex-commodore Norrington followed, he kicked some ass in this movie), but their novelty's worn off. We already know Jack's completely insane, so it's nothing new, though that doesn't mean he still isn't funny. I guess maybe people were expecting something entirely new from him.

Another problem is that these films are taking a Back To The Future approach. In other words, out of the trilogy, the second and third films are direct-direct sequels to one another. This means that the plot is spread out between two films, which then means that this second movie can't stand alone by itself. The third film's gonna determine whether this one is good or great. Finally, even if I found this movie to be great, it wasn't really necessary. The first film was just fine as a stand-alone. When it came out, it had virtually no promotion and it wasn't completely whored out. This film is just cashing in on the first film's surprising popularity. But hey, it's entertaining, so enjoy it for what it is. And don't let the pirate legend bastardizing get to you either, everything bastardized nowadays anyway.

Now I'm going to switch real quick and go all music-reviewer. My subject is Rise Against's newest album, The Sufferer and The Witness. Overall: a good listen, but it's not as good as their earlier stuff. But, as one of punk rock's mainstays that're actually good (Bad Religion takes the cake), the fact that they can still make good stuff is very impressive, especially when you consider the fact that nowadays punk rock seems to be leaning towards teeny-bopper, mainstream pop crap. I would've preferred it if this were one of those albums that you absolutely need to listen from start to finish (like The Flaming Lips's amazing Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots), but c'est la vie I suppose.

So, I'm done reviewing stuff for no reason. I could review my latest pack of gum and cigarettes, but no one's interested in listening. Well, as I've said, my internet was cut last week, or should I say the house's internet, because I'm not the one paying for it. It was good timing for me though, because all that time afterwards I spent being...well, busy. I've been hustling together cash for my one-way ticket...and that's been going terriblely. I've been to the movies a couple of times, I've gone out to eat, and I've been just hanging out and having a bit of not-too-expensive fun. But, in terms of moving out, well, I think my luck's about to change in a bit. I'm going to keep my mouth shut as to why I think this, but keep your eyes peeled guys. I feel a change in the wind, and if it all goes well, then my sense of wind direction's actually pretty good. So, for those of you that pray, keep me in your prayers.

Well, I'm starting to wax philosophical right now, and that's always a bad sign. Oh, for the internet thing, my dad decided that cable internet would be better than DSL, so we switched. I don't see the difference, other than that we had to buy a wireless router and I had a hell of a time setting up our wireless network. Oh well.


justmeguy said...

The thing about movies like "Pirates" is that they simply don't know when enough is enough. And a story that could be told in 100 minutes is extended to two and a half hours for no apparent reason. Add the 40 minutes of advertising and it becomes way too much time spent on an movie that is simply ok.
I guess also that with cellphones ringing, people talking, babies crying...going to the movies has become a drag. I guess I have officially joined the DVD crowd.

Zen said...

I really don't know if I am going to actually be able to sit through a long movie with my 7 year old. Everyone has complained that the movie is WAY TOOOOO long and, that right there, is a turn off. That is, what I believe, a too long of a sit in a theater...I think that is why hated "Titanic" when it came out...TOOOOO Long and TOOOOO sappy....YUCK!!! Glad to have you back Di and hope all goes as planned with you....those gut feelings that you are having IS a GOOD sign...pa' lante!

Ronan Jimson said...

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Di said...

justmeguy: Yeah, I see your point. I still like going because it's fun with friends, but that's really it. DVDs tend to be better at times.

zen: If you have a seven year old, then don't bother. The movie's entertaining, but young kids won't be entertained for long. And Titanic sucked anyway. Thanks for the encouragement btw. =)

ronan jimson: Thank you, I appreciate it. =)

justmeguy said...

Seria buena idea que le pusieras word verification a tu blog. El tal ronan me parece que es un spammer.

Di said...

Oh? Hmm. I'll prolly do it later then.