Friday, July 28, 2006

A day in my life

Well, let's take a look at one day in my life. Today actually, because it is thus far interesting.

So, because I had to be up early, I set my cellphone alarm for 6am, and it sounded at said time. I'm a ringtone whore, so my alarm ringtone is Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones, because it's the only one that wakes me up. To digress for a sec here, I think I've trained my brain to answer the phone even if I'm asleep, because I got a call from my significant other at around 12:30am, and I don't remember the phone ringing, I don't remember grabbing it or checking the number or flipping it open, all I remember was saying "hello?" Wow, I'm awesome. Anyhow, back to today. So I was up, and I turn off my A/C, and decide that I should eat. Family was mostly asleep except for my older brother, so I liked that. By 7:30am, I was dressed and out of the house.

On today's menu: go to San Juan to take care of stuff at Sagrado. Well, that was what I was supposed to do. Somewhere along the line, a change of plans occured, so, on my way towards Ponce, not even out of San Germán, I turned around on the highway. I also needed gas. First weird thing of the day: I saw the following sign on the way out of highway towards the gas station.

And...the only way to get on the road was to turn right. I saw it, thought for a moment, then said out loud, "wait, if I can't turn right, how the fuck do I get to the gas station. I should've taken a picture on my digital camera. So, this aside, I went and got my gas, and turned back towards San Germán. Since I no longer had to go to San Juan, I wondered what to do now. I realized that it's been ages since I've been past Mayaguez and Aguadilla, so I figure hey, I'll go that way. Away I went. I'd forgotten, though, how much I hate driving on the highway in the morning. It's summer. It's hot. There are always traffic jams. So it was hot. Really fucking HOT. But well, passed by Mayaguez Mall, pass through Mayaguez, past the main part of the city, past Colegio, and back on the highway towards Aguadilla. Thankfully, there's not much to it, just drive straight.

I get to Aguadilla now, and I realize that I need food. So I look for it, and drive into town. The one thing I like about that town is the beach. I love the beach, so driving by and feeling the breeze was great. Sadly, no good places were open save for a Burger King...and I didn't want Burger King under any circumstances. At some point, then, I turn around and drive towards this park there, past the ice skating rink. Irony: an ice skating rink in front of a beach. Wow. Anyway, I drive by the children's park, and I see there's a restaurant there. I check my wallet: $30. I have two ATM cards, but neither are mine, and I hate having to waste all my money on just food. I realized that there was a mall here, so I decide I'll be a good young adult and do the proper thing, get fast food. The mall in Aguadilla isn't so bad, but not what I'm used to. Actually, Aguadilla reminded me of a combination of Río Piedras and Caguas. Well, the important thing was that I got food, so after that I was on my way out. Second weird thing: I saw the exact same sign up there as I turned to go out to the highway. Which way am I supposed to fucking turn then, you stupid sign?!

I also remembered that they opened a new US Coast Guard PX, so I decide to check it out quick. It was pretty okay, spacey and with air conditioning. They also had a fine selection of alcohol and cigarettes, which is what you can always expect from a store owned by the US military. I was done with that, so I went on my way. By now, it was around 1pm or so, and I realized that I should start going home. I call my best friend to tell her I would be stopping by later, and then I called my other best friend. Because the Fiestas Patronales here start today, and I want to go, but not on my own. So she said she'd call me. And JOY, more traffic jams! In the stifling heat! But it wasn't as bad as the one in Mayaguez, both in the streets of the city and out on the highway. MAYAGUEZ HIGHWAY HAS TOO MANY STOPLIGHTS. Anyway, after about an hour in all that, I realized that I needed to stop by Mayaguez Mall. How nice that I should run into an ex-boyfriend of sorts in Borders. He's annoying now, especially because it's so obvious he has a crush on my best friend, who's taken. But I made it short because I needed to pick up stuff, and I did. In and out.

Then I drove back to San Germán por la carretera vieja. By now it's about 3pm, so I stop by Burger King and I get food from the dollar menu for my family. Food is bought, I drive home because my dad needed to go to my grandma's house. So I had about half an hour break. I spent it eating and [drumroll] ordering my plane ticket online. After I printed everything, dad came home, and I was out again. First stop was Pueblo, because they had a Western Union, and that's how I payed for my plane ticket. On my way out, it took about ten minutes to actually move in the traffic, because right in the middle of the road, there was a car crash. And today of all days, the first day of our Fiestas Patronales. Anyway, I finally made it to my best friend's family's store. It's an ice cream store, right in front of where the Fiestas are held. I spent an hour and a half helping her tend the store, having her little cousins from China talk to me in cantonese, which I obviously don't know, and basically watch the insanity.

Finally, at 6pm, I decide to head home, so I can take another break, shower, and wait to see if I really was going out. The answer is no. But hey, the Fiestas are here for, what, ten days? So, no loss. That, and I'm tired anyway. Not that I wouldn't have had any fun whilst tired, just that I've also had a severe lack of sleep for a few days.

Anyway, that concludes a day in my life. Insightful? Crazy? I think you are awesome? I hope so, even though I know that I am pretty awesome.


Veroquina said...

No hace mucho fui a Aguadilla por primera vez en mi vida y pensé exactamente lo mismo que tú: es una mezcla entre Caguas y Rio Piedras. Aunque a mí me encantó, lo encontré bien decadente(in a good way). Y qué cosa que ese mismo día nos paseamos entre San Sebastián, Moca, Rincón, Aguada y Aguadilla y nos topamos con CUATRO accidentes. :/

Di said...

Wow, four? Damn, que le pasa a los conductores de Puerto Rico? =/ Aguadilla is kinda decadente, but I thought it was cool, if only cuz of the beach.