Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On the wind and Eden

I've noticed that I have a pattern of updating this particular blog after my daily workout, and usually between 5-7pm, give or take. I suppose this is because the day's winding down and I have a bit of time to lay out any particular thoughts properly. And, that was a classic example of subtely murdering the English language.

So, I was at Borders today. Yes, my usual hangout, the one in Mayaguez. When I was at Sagrado last semester, the Borders in Plaza las Américas was my usual hangout whenever I wasn't so broke that I couldn't even afford the two (then three) quarters it cost to take the bus there. Being carless blows in ways you can't imagine sometimes. This wouldn't be the case if I said I was studying at, say, NYC. But I didn't. Anyway, at my hangout. I ordered some coffee, and a good friend of mine who works there, Thompson, was on break, so we sat and ate together. I told him that I was job hunting...and he told me what I already know: I have about as much luck of finding a job here as I would finding a clean prostitute in city slums. It's not surprising either; things ain't exactly peachy on this here island. One of my best friends, Yestebel, managed to get a job recently (coincidentially, she and Thompson are going out, and he makes a great dad to Yeste's son), but there's no way I'll have the same luck. Place that on top of the fact that I have to stick to this town only, due to lack of car. Remember what I said earlier about how it sucks to not have a car? There you go.

Funny thing is, Thompson also pointed out the irony that, if and when I drag myself to the US, I'd probably have no problem getting a job or three. Which will be great, honestly, but it won't be great until I get there. I need money to get there, and it's near impossible. I'll manage though. But anyhow, when I told him that I want to move out, he told me to go for it, to let life and the wind take me wherever it will take me. He told me that's how he's let his life go on, and there really is just no point in trying to control life's course. And he has a point. I might worry on and on about how I'm ever going to get to Chicago, but, if that's where I'm supposed to be in the near future, that's where I'll end up, one way or another. Though I'd prefer to end up there on a plane, and not in, say, a box among some fruit imports or something. It'd be cheaper and I'd live off fruit, but no.

Now that I think about it, this is the way I seem to have lived for the past 19 years or so, letting life take me where it needs to take me. Did I think I'd end up on this island and stay here for the past nine years? No. Could I predict that I'd end up at perhaps one of the most prestigious private schools on the island and have a kickass time? No. Would I have ever known that I'd stop being cynical about love and relationships? Dear God no. Life is very unpredictable like this, so it seems. I do sometimes get the feeling that perhaps a guardian angel of sorts is helping me guide along. If he or she is, I'm glad. Otherwise, I'd be more twisted and screwed up than I currently am.

On a side note, I bought East of Eden by John Steinbeck. I've just started, but so far, it's a very interesting book. It's like a retelling of the Genesis from the Bible, and I love the way the author describes both places and people. It's darkly humorous, vaguely uplifting and purely bittersweet, and I'm barely past chapter four. I'm going to like this book.

So, I leave you all with this highly important public service announcement.

It is my personal goal to make sure I disturb as many people with comics here as I can. If I can't do that, then I've failed at this blog.

Well, not really. I just want to entertain you guys.


Mr Angry said...

Stay positive Di, I'm sure you have the drive to reach your goals. Loved your comic too, I have to try and find condom-man for you.

justmeguy said...

You are wise well beyond your years.
And yes, go follow your dreams, whether they are in Chicago or elsewhere. The worst regrets in life in life involve not things you did, but things you didn't do.

Di said...

mr angry: Thanks man. I'd be quite interested in seeing condom man btw. =)

justmeguy: Thank you, I'm glad you think of me highly. And that's very true. Better to regret what I've done than what I haven't.