Wednesday, June 07, 2006

On the Internet and iPods

You know, I'll tell you all, scales suck. Mostly if you're a girl. Or a really self-conscious guy. It's like they challenge you. Come here, get weighed. It won't be so bad. I promise I won't break on you... Gee, like it's so easy. I did step on a scale today, to see if my dieting and hard exercize had done anything. Instead, I gained a goddamned pound. Yes yes, I know I'm not fat. I just have severe self-esteem issues.

So, I was just sitting here a bit ago, and contemplating the Internet. The Internet...God, what a funny concept. I remember back in the days when chats were popular. Oh, how easy it was for a forty-year-old sweaty trucker to seduce a nine-year-old girl who had the time to be in the chat. But of course, that's long gone and dead now, what with webcams and common sense. In most cases anyway. No, we all know what the Internet's really for: porn. Futurama always put it best. Everything else is decoration.

Sometimes though, people take some of the entertaining decorations of the Internet too seriously. I mean, if it's a manner of running a forum or a website and you're getting paid to do it, then I can see why. But let's take a forum I help run, AL. I'd be one of the admins, and I do it because I have the free time. None of the people who mod get paid at all. And yet, the guy who owns and runs the board treats it as though it were a real job. Look, hold up buster, until you start paying me wages for all the shit I put up with, I refuse to see this as a "job".

I mean, whatever happened to taking things lightly? Being more laid-back? The world ain't gonna end because we're running a forum that has no point. Leave that up to GaiaOnline. By the way, I'd kill for an admin job there, 'cause I'd actually get paid. Just kick back and relax. The Internet, among its many purposes, is to entertain, to relax and forget for a little while. That's the only reason I spend quite a bit of time online. I want to be entertained, I want to unwind and forget about most of the stuff that comes up during the day. I don't want to be given work I won't be paid for.

Then again, the guy who runs AL has no life. Whoops.

Also, here's an interesting article I found over at Yahoo. Long story short: iPods > beer in colleges, and I gotta agree here. I don't understand why college kids like beer so much anyway. It's disgusting. I didn't have a sip of the stuff last semester. I had Bacardi Silver, 42, vodka, Passoa, beer though. It's disgusting. Besides, who doesn't want a slim and sexy iPod? They look good even if you're not drunk. I can't say the same about some men.

Now, I just had to post this comic.

I don't care what the plot is, just look at those damn facial expressions. Also, Robin's package is huge.


carol said...

Beer.. I like Heineken and Corona. Pero en cuestion de tragos, Whiskey Sour is the best, y Cubalibre.

And if you don't wanna put on weight, take vitamina B-12.

Di said...

Hmm...Corona no suena tan mal, ain't heard of bad things about it. And B-12, got it.