Monday, June 26, 2006

On weird dreams and fetching

My top five weirdest dreams that I can remember.

1. I once dreamt that I was out at Nono's over in Viejo San Juan, drinking with a bunch of friends, and in steps Alf. We were all laughing, and then I see Alf and I say, "hey, it's Alf, put up a chair buddy!" And we keep drinking and laughing with Alf.

2. I dreamt that I was helping Tidus from Final Fantasy X become alive again to reunite with Yuna. He had to retrieve the Sorcerer's Stone from some evil person's clutches, but failed because, being a ghost, he can't touch anything. Saddened, he returned to his shack, where he lived with Sam, Frodo and Gandalf The Grey.

3. I once gave a Power Point presentation to George Lucas's team on how to make movies. I even remember George was sitting in the front, taking notes and paying close attention.

4. I had an entire dream in comic book panels. Everything that happened was stuff that normally happens to me on any given day...except it all happened in separate panels, with sound effects and everything.

5. I dreamt that I was part of a team of scientists that discovered that the planets in the universe were polluting it, so we came up with a project to shrink said planets and bury them here on Earth. Only problem was that they also wanted to do this with the Sun, and I spent most of my dream trying to prevent this.

I swear to God I'm not on drugs.

If you ask me, the dog is smarter than Superboy is.


theblogmachine said...

Si no usas drogas dame la poción mágica para soñar que Alf esta bebiendo y gamberreando con el corillo.


carol said...

I have a recurring dream de que estoy en mi vieja escuela intermedia (una de ellas) y ok, en el sueño no pasa nada del otro mundo, pero me sale como que la escuela tiene tres entradas, pero realmente me acuerdo de dos nada mas, y trato de concentrarme a ver si en realidad habia otra entrada y nada, no me acuerdo.. De momento como que si, me empiezo a acordar de la tercera entrada pero nunca puedo tener un mental picture.. creo que voy a ir luego en la semana a ver, me esta matando la curiosidad.

justmeguy said...

El del sueno con paneles de comics esta maravilloso.
Yo tengo recurring dreams pero no son nda de divertidos ni originales. Sueno cliches :-(

Di said...

theblogmachine: XD En verdad, no me acuerdo qué fue lo que tomé para soñar eso.

carol: Ay, odio los sueños así. Matan a uno con la curiosidad. >_<

justmeguy: I dunno, I rarely have cliche dreams, and I don't know why. o_o