Saturday, June 17, 2006

On a variety of random things.

Alrighty folks, I am here to occasionally oblige whenever I feel that I'm not too lazy to do it. It's a good thing I have my novel posted at FictionPress, so this makes it easier for you all to go over and have a read. The title is still tentative, because I'm not sure if it's the title it should have. So, I can sum up the whole thing in this sentence: it's simply the life of one girl and how she gets by it all. Now that you've read that, pretend you didn't read it, because I suck at summaries. So, go on over to FictionPress and read up on Seasons, my first complete novel. Now that it's done, I need to go revise it. There are a lotta places where I need to fix sentence structure, because, out of habit, when I write in English I tend to write sentences the way I would in Spanish. The troubles of being bilingual. At least this means I'll be able to score more jobs when I move to the US.

On another note, I found Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls blog here on Blogger. It's quite an interesting read, to say the least. It also just confirms my belief that she definetely has screws loose in the head. I like people like that, the ones that aren't afraid of hiding their small insanities. It's like one of my favorite quotes: "We're all a little broken, we're all a little twisted, we're all a little less than we could be, or want to be." Said by Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes, an emo yet completely enjoyable indie band from Nebraska. Actually, it's more like "Conor Oberst and whoever the hell he brings with him on tour", but let's not fret over small details.

I was watching CNN Headline News the other day, and they were going on about this video of kids who ganged up on police or something like that, and then posted the video over at Myspace. There was also this news going around about a fifteen year old girl who was going to the Middle East to see this guy she met at Myspace. Okay, there are more than a few things wrong with these scenarios. First, even though I have a Myspace account, I use it for the sole purpose of keeping up with my crew of buddies from college, since most of them have a Myspace, and I can figure out when this or that is happening. So I just log in once a week or so to check it out, and that's it. In actuality, I can't stand the whole idea of Myspace. Gee, let's post a pic about ourselves and decorate our profiles with useless videos and crap that either takes forever to load or just crashes my browser entirely. And then let's meet these hot guys who's faces you can barely see or these chicks with huge boobs taken from an "angle". You do NOT go to Myspace to meet potential soul mates, and you do NOT upload videos of violence against police officers at Myspace. I'll just go ahead and blame their stupidity, not their parents.

On a quick, random note: between the horrible N-Gage and this homebrew L64, I'll take the L64. It's a portable N64 for cryin' out loud! I can finally play Ocarina of Time and Goldeneye on the go! Well, if I had the money to buy it. In all truth, if I had the money, I'd be buying myself that shiny new DS Lite. And I just might as my birthday present to myself.

Also, I love my iPod Nano, but I wish I'd gotten the 30GB one. Then again, I didn't have the money for it. Damn you Apple.

Now that I'm done rambling, I leave you with my absolute favorite Looney Tunes skit, ever.



carol said...

Bright Eyes :D

I just put your novel in my bookmarks, will start reading it later tonight.

Di said...

Thank you, I hope you enjoy it. =D

Martillo said...

Joder!! Felicidades en tu novela. Ni sabia que tenia una blogamiga (me la acabo de invertar la palabrilla)que en un futuro sera famosa y rica. Te vere en Borders!! Ah por cierto el L64 se ve cabronsisimo.

justmeguy said...

Nunca he entendido muy bien My Space...prefiero tener un blog aqui en blogger.
Looney Tunes are the best...megusta mucho Daffy sobre todos los dirigidos por Tex Avery!