Monday, June 12, 2006

On being a moron and sailing

Ouch. Somone, please remind me to stretch before doing strenuos exercize. My legs are completely cramped and they're practically refusing to move. One of the reasons I regret giving up ballet is that I did a lot of hardcore exercize the whole week and I was on excellent shape. I fell asleep during class, but hey, I'm naturally intelligent, so I aced my classes anyway.

I've been playing LoZ: The Wind Waker. It's a fun game, and I like how they totally took advantage of the cartoony style in graphics. But I hate the sailing. I hate it. I'm currently stuck and I've been sailing back and forth the same areas and I hate it. It takes forever to get from point A to point B and back, and it's just a fucking hassle. Okay, maybe they were trying to recreate how tiresome sailing is. Good job Nintendo, recreating realistic sailing in a game about an elf kid saving a princess from an evil pig, with cartoony graphics. Save the realism for a realistic game like Grand Theft Auto. Oh wait...

Anyway, I'm just sitting here, realizing how much of a complete and total moron I am. Yes, a moron, an idiot, a jackass, and any other synonym you can think of. Why am I realizing this right now? Okay, let's start from the top. See, since summer's started, I've barely been able to talk to my jackass of a significant other. Huh, how opposite, I always thought summer = more time if you're around my age. Anyway, I've been busy, but he's been even busier, so that leaves us little to no time. But, I reached my limit this morning when, waking up, I realized he hasn't called in over a week. Yes, I was pissed. Purely pissed, no secondary emotion mixed in to screw it up.

A quick sidenote: yes, I can call him, but I don't because I have a slight phobia of calling people. It's a long story, but basically, I hate bothering people, and I prefer it when they call me, so that way I know they're not busy.

So there I was this morning, pissed off and thinking of any number of insults that I should throw at him the next time I talked to him. Then, on a forum the two of us are both members of, I received a private message from someone. That person had been bounced over to me by him, and when I read what he wrote about me, that's when I was hit over the head by a fucking sledgehammer the size and weight of about twenty bricks. He spoke so highly and nicely of me to said person. He had the time to remember me for just a moment, even though he's been working his ass off so he can have money for college. And there I was, being nothing but a good-for-nothing brat. He doesn't even know I was pissed, and I feel like apologizing so badly. I am such a goddamned moron.

And see, this isn't even the first time it's happened, and it hasn't been exclusively with him. Because, as perceptive as I can be, one of my bad qualities and downfalls is that, if I'm not using my head, I am a very thoughtless person. And this morning I was a thoughtless moron of a jackass. But, I needed that too. I needed an imaginary sledgehammer to smash me over the head and remind me that I'm still an immature kid with a very long way to go. Damn, but that hurt though. I don't need such huge sledgehammers to hit me over the head...go easy next time, okay life?

Life needs a sea chart like Wind Waker does, so we can see where we need to go next and what we should be doing there.

Thank God that was Photoshopped. He didn't really say that. It's still disturbing all the same. Maybe the hat's just a symbol of manhood.

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Martillo said...

Buajajaja symbol of manhood that is what we need