Wednesday, May 31, 2006

On friendship and priests

I can't quite recall if this was yesterday or today, but I was watching Despierta América on Univisión. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that this was yesterday, because there's no way I'd watch Univisión voluntarily (and, as we all know, the channels they put in the TVs of doctors' offices usually sucks). Anyway, the topic was, can members of the opposite sex stay soley friends, or is it usually impossible?

Okay, let's take this apart piece by piece, shall we? First of all, I had no idea that I, as a member of the female sex, was supposed to be sexually and physically attracted to every single member of the male sex. I mean, I don't find pretty boys (pretty boys like Tidus, from FFX) attractive, or jocks (again, Tidus), or overly metrosexual men (well hello again Tidus). Does this mean something's wrong with me? No, it just means that not everyone of the male gender is attractive in my eyes, just like I'm not attractive in all guys' eyes. Though this might be due to the fact that not all guys are straight (geeze, using you as an example is getting old, Tidus). I am attracted to this guy...but then again, I'm also dating this guy. Hmm, whaddya know.

Next, I also had no idea that maintaining a friendship with a guy was supposed to be difficult. I guess I've been under the impression that I'm supposed to jump on every guy who strikes conversations with me, or that I'm supposed to fall madly in love with every guy I have casual sex with. Maybe that's what's wrong. I'm not supposed to see guys as people, I'm supposed to see them as potential husbands/boyfriends/sex toys, silly me. I guess I'll just have to stick with girls for friends and vibrators for pleasure. Or would that make me lesbian? Cue Strange Girl, courtesy of DC Comics. Piece of advice: having friends of the opposite sex is sometimes a lot better, because they give you insight that you don't get with your same sex friends. Just a thought.

Then again, maybe I speak from my own experience. Ever since I was about four, I've had plenty of friends who were guys. My first best friend was a guy. And guys in general were a lot cooler. They had better toys, better cartoons, and they liked to play fun games. Girls were too...ngh, in my eyes. I suppose this is the advantage to being a tomboy. And this is also the advantage of not being a girl who falls for every damn guy that comes my way. Because I can see guys as people, like we're supposed to. Guys, just like us girls, like to be treated as people. If they don't, then they're not worth the time.

Also, I'm not saying that there shouldn't be slight attraction with your opposite sex friends. If you're straight, it's only natural. There's a reason you have them as friends in the first place. This might be because they're funny, intelligent, good in bed, anything. Remember this guy from up there? I think it'd be around this month that we've known each other for two years, and also more or less around this month that we started being good friends. We actually hated each other at first, but that's because he's an egotistical jerk and he thought I was stupid. Then I figured out not to take him seriously, and he figured out I had a brain in my skull. And we also had quite a bit in common. So, even though he was one of my best friends, we found each other attractive, until we finally stopped beating around the bush and decided to date. Even if we break up though, we'll still be friends, because we took the time to get to know each other. Plus, he's pretty awesome when he's not being a manipulative fuck.

Moral of the story: members of the opposite sex can make awesome friends with benefits. If, after some time, you find them attractive enough to fuck date, then go for it, what do you have to lose? A friend? If anything, dating them might just make your friendship stronger, even if at the end it doesn't work out romantically.

On a sidenote, my oldest cousin on mom's side (cousin cousin, not second or third cousin or anything) was thrown out of his seminary in Dominican Republic, meaning that he's no longer going to become a priest. And the whole family's in an uproar. There hasn't been this much commotion since my uncle (mom's older brother) left my aunt for a younger woman. Y'know, I don't want to mention this, because mom's been on edge lately, but I'm getting the feeling that he got caught having sex with another guy over at the seminary, thus the real reason he was thrown out.

...I'm going to burn in hell for writing that, aren't I?

Anyway, enjoy this picture of a cat. Techincally, she belongs to my family, but she's actually the neighbors'.

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justmeguy said...

The whole should I go to bed with a friend debate is always an interesting. There have been times when I've crossed the line from friendship into sex, other times not.
But you are right, when you have sex with a friend, everything's easier because there's no bullshit involved. And that can be so refreshing sometimes.