Saturday, January 27, 2007

On updating

So, it'd be at this precise moment in which I'd apologize for my lack of updating. Well, I don't really feel like it. Looking back at the date I last wrote an entry here, I realize it has been a few weeks though.

Strangely though, it's only been this week that I've actually been really busy. As in, non-stop busy. That's because I moved back to the dorms of Sagrado Sunday, and have been busy with class and other random things in between all week. I'm here writing this now, because I'm waiting for my laundry to be done. Seriously, can't laundry do itself? It's annoying to have to do it. I also did some food shopping. I'll do more tomorrow when my dad visits, so I don't have to drag soda all by my lonesome (it'd be heavy). I also wish my dorm allowed alcohol. If they did, I would have so much beer in my closet. Speaking of beer, out of the many random things I did this week, this was possibly the most random: I was at a bar with a French dude, a Colombian girl and an American girl, with two American dudes from Harvard, at a bar, playing pool and drinking beer, at 2am, in the middle of Old San Juan, on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I suck at pool though, I just stuck around 'cause the French dude was buying me my beer.

So, I changed majors this semester, and I'll stick to it now, to Producción y Mercadeo para la Radio. It falls in the Communications department, which is great, since Sagrado is the best place on the whole island to study communications anyway. And, I take the following classes:

Principios de Mercadeo GME 201: The teacher was cool I guess. He basically just gave us a quick overview of the class, told us to buy the book used or borrow it off someone because it's $140 new, and stuff like that. But he seems pretty laid-back, so maybe a marketing class won't be so bad.

Estadísticas Aplicadas 1 MAT 210: I like the teacher. I do. But I wish she would've shut the fuck up about her life story, explained the syllabus and let us fucking leave early. That said, it's math statistics stuff, so nothing too hard for me.

Introducción a las Comunicaciones CMU 101: I'm not sure if it was because I was irritated when I got there (and halfway through I could feel my blood sugar take a dip), but I found the whole thing irritating. I just wanted to leave early and eat something. But the teacher seems real nice, so I should go with a more open mind next time.

El amor y su trayectoria por la historia HUM 130: I fucking love the professor who gives this class. And the title is so misleading, it's going to be a very kickass class. Albeit, I will also probably be working like a crackwhore.

Dinámicas de las organizaciones ADM 102: See, this class could be SO MUCH MORE BORING, but the professor makes it a lot more liveable. A LOT MORE LIVEABLE. He's pretty funny, and he was really straightforward. In fact, now that I notice, all the male professors I have this semester are straightforward. The female ones ramble too much.

So, it'll be interesting. I actually enjoy all my classes except for MAT210. It's a boring class by default though, and I may as well get it over with this semester.

Anyway, random thought of the moment: it'd be hilarious if I actually met some of you people who live in San Juan while I'm out and around. Well, I think my laundry's done, so I'm just going to go get that and try cooking (hah).

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carol said...

Pero como ellos saben que no tienes ron en el dorm? Chequean la nevera o algo?? Wow.. eso es una falta de respeto jaj. Deberías tratar de entrar cervezas anyway, como que las metes en un bulto y te buscas un termo de esos grandes con hielo y las enfrías aunque sea dos a la vez y listo...