Tuesday, August 22, 2006

On scraping a living

It's amazing at how humbled you can become when your roommate's check isn't coming in on time...the same check needed to buy food. Between last week and now, we've been able to survive solely on fried rice and home-baked cookies, plus water. We've run out of main ingredients to make good rice though, we ate all the cookies...and I'm broke, since I bought our last meal of ten soft tacos today. The check should be here tomorrow, but I'm actually reminded of college, in which I basically lived the same way.

On the plus side, I've lost ten pounds, since the beginning of the month. Can I just say wow? Wow. I completely didn't expect that, but it makes some sense kinda, considering my food intake since the beginning of August. But it gives me a confidence boost, since I'm basically in Chicago for acting and rockstar-dom, and I kinda have to look like hot. I think I already do, but yeah, y'never know.

Job-wise, I had an interview today, I have one tomorrow, and I have to call back two places between Thursday and Friday. This makes me quite optimistic, considering that I need a job now, so I can have an income flow, plus so I can pay for my own apartment. My current roommate and I are in her mom's apartment, since she's gone till next year, but we both want to move more downtown to Chicago, or just a nice place in general. Also, considering the fact that most of my starting roles might not be paid for, it's a good idea to keep a job kicking around and all that.

But you know, despite all this, I'm having a lot of fun. I honestly feel really free now. I feel like I will make it and reach my goals, y'know?

Anyway, back to eating tacos. Pray the check gets in tomorrow.


justmeguy said...

Always great to hear from you. Reminds me of a story the late actor Raul Julia used to tell about his early days of acting, eating "lettuce sandwiches". Anyway, maybe when you make it big this post will be a reminder of the "early days".
The best of luck!!!!!

Zen said...

Only those that are "scraping a living" can truly become something and you are on your way there. Al que le leega las cosas faciles asi de faciles las deja ir...enjoy and take it all in. ENJOY chicago and let us know if you found a freaking job.