Tuesday, July 11, 2006

On awesome times

I'm back. Well, I've been back since yesterday, but blogging be damned, I was too tired and too happy to bother writing anything worthwhile. But, here I am now. I had an awesome time just having fun and celebrating my birthday late. I can't seem to ever celebrate my birthday on the day it falls, but hey, at least I did celebrate. It looks like being 19 might be something great. Highlights of the weekend: that I managed to get chopstick holding and using right the first try, so that made me proud. The sushi tasted great. A lot of people think, "ew raw fish", but it tastes great, and the same thing goes for the dumplings. The chicken was good, but it wasn't really sweet or sour. I liked it as much as General Tao chicken. As for the sake...well, it tastes like cold medicine at first. But if you drink it a bit more and after some food, it rubs off. So began inhebriation.

1. I tried smoked salmon sushi, sweet and sour chicken, gyouza dumplings, and hot sake. My best friend, who happens to be Asian, told me that I got the hang of chopsticks really quick and naturally, so that made me happy. Chopsticks aren't all that hard to use, actually.

2. I found strawberry cigarettes in Plaza. FINALLY. I tried cherry and vanilla before, but I wanted strawberry. Man, you can taste the flavor on your teeth for HOURS. Too bad they're too fucking expensive for normal consumption, but it's just as well, I have other things my money needs to go to. Y'know, like plane tickets.

3. I went to Plaza, period. Yeah, it's like the one mall on the whole island that you can enjoy going to even if it's full and even if it takes awhile to find parking. I dunno, I always just enjoy walking around and checking out the sites and the people I might see. I was surprised though, 'cause I caught the eyes of quite a few cute guys. So began hookups.

4. I had more alcohol that weekend than I have since the year began, and I regret none of it. Granted, by Sunday night, I was pretty trashed and hung over and a mess, but I was one happy mess.

5. And I got a couple of random, casual dates. Really, nothing special, because casual hookups aren't really as nice as serious relationships. Sure, you can get off or whatever, but there's just no emotion involved, and if you ask me, having some emotion behind it all makes it much more satisfying. But hey, I won't complain. I had a date last year on my birthday, I'd be damned if I didn't have one this year.

There you have it. I did promise pictures, I realize, but...I left the SD card for my digital camera at home. Just my fuckin' luck. I even bought some batteries too. Well, better luck next time, right?

But I'm not sure. Maybe it's my good mood right now, or maybe it's because of the kickass time I had, but that gut feeling I've been having, the one that tells me that things are going to start changing for the better for me, and that things will start going my way now. That maybe I'll get enough for my plane ticket to Chicago, that I'll be able to start maintaining myself right away, that my love life will be awesome, and that my acting career is going to jumpstart just as soon as I figure out where to start and start working hard at it. Things will work out. That's my gut feeling.

Anyway, I hope my faithful readers are doing okay. I'll check around your blogs soon.

Ohoh, thought I wouldn't come up with something eh? Yeah, this is just nostalgia. I totally remember watching these cartoons or something like that when I was a kid.


carol said...

hey glad you had a good time! i live bastante cerca de plaza and i hate that mall lol, i wanna live al lado de un mini mall que tenga un walgreens, un pet shop y un borders, that's all i need. y un blockbuster just in case..

Di said...

Don't forget Pueblo, to buy food.

justmeguy said...

Glad to have you back!!!!! Sushi is great...try East in Condado.
Casual hookups? Cool. Sometimes thats all you need.
About Plaza, well, like Carol I love Borders, especially on Saturday or Sunday mornigs before droves of people turn it into a mess.

Zen said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Glad to hear you had such a GREAT time. If you keep that attitude up and follow your gut instinct, believe you me, you will have (as you say) a KISS ASS year! Take care Di...I always come by to see, or better yet, read what you are up to.

Di said...

justmeguy: Yeah, it's the same in the Mayaguez Border. The morning's better. Less people. And I'll remember that place.

Zen: Why thanks. =) I'm happy to hear that you like reading this.